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The Best on NG!

I think every self-respecting NG'er has watched this video.

Every aspect of it is genius, from the lyrics to plot. I especially like that little twist at the end.

Overall, very funny and well-put together.


Average compilation.

Some of the things you pointed out in here are true. Such as grenade spammers, campers, etc..

But I think a lot of the points in here are only fill-ins to get to 100, and they really were not things people hate about CoD: WaW. Such as tanks, flamethrower, and the relation to "Enemy at the Gates." Because that's a good movie, so why would you hate this game for resembling it?

So overall, it had some humorous aspects but next time try to cut the list down to 50 or so, that way they would all be relevant to hating the game.


MoozipanCheese responds:

Virtually every Call of Duty game, apart from Modern Warfare, has some heavily-inspired Enemy at the Gates-style level. It gets tedious. And a lot of people DO seem to hate tanks and the range of the flamethrower.

Anyway, thanks for the review. And I actually do love the game.

Oh, and I doubt I'll do this again for Modern Warfare 2, but your advice is well noted.

One of funniest on NG.

Jokes in here are perfect, as is the animation. You seem to have nailed every aspect of making flash movies.

Impressive voices, btw. You deserve every one of those awards.


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Curses! You got me.

I like how you made the quiz so realistic only to shatter my hopes of a computed conclusion as to my "cool status".

Not mad, just a bit annoyed at my time wasted only to see a rotating penis :P

Now make the real quiz, I must find out if I'm "cool"!


Mechabloby responds:


but glad you were fooled into getting a poor result :3!

Decent flash.

I think this game has a funny plot and medals. It took me a while to get the hang of shooting and everything, because that was awkward at times, but overall the control scheme works well. Maybe consider implementing a cross hair next time or something of that nature.

The "Impotent" medal is too easy, in my opinion. The first time I went around I didn't even knew I could shoot and than to my surprise I get a 100 point medal. Those are supposed to be extremely challenging, I just don't think that was up too speed.

So overall, a good game that could use improvement.


FetusFulp responds:

a crosshair? seems a little overkill, especially when you're fully upgraded and can pwn everything that comes near you. could you explain how the control scheme was awkward? it helps to know this for future games and such.

i find it funny how people who don't even know they can shoot go through and get the impotent medal without complaining about the difficulty. maybe you should try reading the author's comments ;)

and everything can use improvement. nothing's perfect.

Could be better

Art could be improved upon, but it gets the job done. As long as I know what's going on, it's acceptable.

Controls were a bit slow. I was really hard to dodge the objects when it seems like they can move faster than I, the player, can move. Try to increase the speed and maybe add a "sprint bar" or something that will increase the speed for short intervals.

This came shows that you have the skills to be an exceptional game maker, you just haven't put all the pieces together yet. Add some other sections to the game, or some new twists to the game, and you've got something special.

Keep at it!


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This is the most epic song on NG, seriously.

For some reason it gets me pumped just listening to it, like before I run a big race I'll play this on my ipod.

I would be ignorant to offer any changes to this masterpiece, I just wish you the best with your future work and hopefully it comes out as good as this one :)

Good Luck!



Catchy beat and great variety.

Nothing could be better, this is great work.


Hades responds:

Good to hear, man, thanks! ;D


One of the top classical loops I've heard on Newgrounds. The singing and guitar were both very peaceful.

Only problem is the looping. It's a noticable change from the end to the beginning. Try to polish that up, and than this would be a near-perfect loop.

Great work, and keep it up!


MaestroRage responds:

Glad you liked it! Truth be told I don't quite hear what you mean :c. I know the player sometimes comes in too early/too late but to me it loops rather well... at least most the time anyways.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

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Glaring Desire

Really good piece here. Women almost looks real at first glance. The shading really is flawless. Maybe I'm in the minority but I would prefer something in her line of vision other than a tree. In my eyes it kind of seems off balance.

Or if it is going to be a tree put some effort into making it realistic. Perhaps part of your vision was her gazing off into eternity? Or was it just random?

Probably looking too far into this but I always like to think too much about what I am looking at. Good work.


Gi-go responds:

I meant for her to be looking towards the moon and the tree to be part of the foreground.

Thanks a lot!


Good job. I like how the side of his face is blurred. I am impressed you did this with zbrush I usually have trouble with that program.

But yea, pretty impressive good work :)


toshema responds:

Thanks ^_^ !!! Zbrush is fun !!!!

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